The mean Green Machine

"Antque cars" "Collector"


And He enters, stage right

The wait is over and I’m really excited about it. I was encouraged by The Beat Chicks (You know who you are), to share my photography with the world. I’m a prolific photographer, I just can’t help myself, Once that black box is on my face the world drifts away. I capture images of the weird, of  the every day, from my view.

I have always wanted to take pictures, it’s been taking me years to get around to let myself be free enough to do it. I grew up poor in Mexico, my first camera was one of those with the long flash bulbs that after each shot they burn out one at a time, I moved on from that old camera. My dream is to be a Professional Photographer, known for my own style and artistic flare. Here is a few highlights of pictures taken in the past.

In the Bleak Midwinter

I love taking pictures of buildings, being in Wisconsin this means barns too. The minute I saw this barn in the back of my friend’s hobby farm I knew what the shot would be, so freezing cold ( like twenty degrees below zero cold) I went out to get the shot. I sure glad I did because the barn burned down a month or so ago.

Diamond in the Rough

A Photography Club gave me the opportunity to take some unique shots of some old cars, by some I mean 96 cars. They were rusted, weeds were growing all over them, it was Fantastic. I was a kid in a candy store.

Sailors Delight

While I was in Florida, I made it a point that I wasn’t going to miss any sunrises or sunsets over the ocean. I loved the reflection.


I was at a friend’s baseball game and there was this cute little dog trying to bite my camera like a little kid running after me saying “Take my picture! Take my picture!”.

A Healthy Pint

My wife is on a health kick but this dish, it needed something. A pint of Guinness. An Irish heart beats in this Mexican man.

What’s in your lens today?