The mean Green Machine

"Antque cars" "Collector"


Postaday: Back in the day when pink cars were hard to spot

Back in the day when it was odd to see pink cars

I enjoy going to auto shows and I never saw a pink car ever before, I love the background because it gives kind of a Spanish atmosphere, I tried different angles but this is the one that I liked because you are able to see all the details of the buildings.



I love going to The Taste of Madison, it’s a festival in Madison, Wisconsin. I was enjoying the different varieties of food and looking for the shot that will display the hustle and bustle of Downtown, somehow deep inside of me I wanted to take a few shots but I wanted the shots to be unique and I was really disappointed that I didn’t accomplished that. As I was walking towards my car I crossed the street and I don’t know why but I turned around and saw The Capitol, it was so impressive because there was a reflection off the building on the right side and I knelt down to take the shot and I looked at the LCD screen and was in awe of the beauty that was captured.

Weekly Challenge: Happy

Guinness balances out the healthiest of meals

I am Nacho Mudder 2011

run/ walking with my Dog

Tacos and who is not made happier by Tacos? No one, that is who.

ATV, Dirt bikes, Snowmobiles it has an engine and it runs: it’s is fun.

One can not be unhappy looking at Bubble lights

sunsets, nature, up north, camping in Africa,
out doors makes me happy

Music up lifts my soul

Taking risks and my Crazy friends make me happy